Welcome to KaServer3

I have nothing to say about KaServer3 at this time. Instead, enjoy some poetry...

Unfit for purpose

My Toshiba Satellite is earthbound
My HP Pavillion offers no shade at all
My IBM Thinkpad is dumb as a post
My Dell Inspiron leaves me with writer's block

Acorn model misnomers

My Atom is not indivisible
My Electron is not negatively charged
My Archimedes displaces little water
My A9Home is at work

Host not found

Last night while sitting in my chair
I pinged a host that wasn't there
It wasn't there again today
The host resolved to NSA

Page not found

I plucked the URL from the air
And found the page just wasn't there
It might be lost forever more
Returning just this 404

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